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Choosing well and in time - Julián GabarreBetween the ages of fifteen and eighteen we get to choose whatever profession we like, sometimes we worry that we won’t like the professions we choose or that they won’t suit us. It is an age when we don’t have sufficient knowledge or sufficient experience in life, we generally don’t know what our natural abilities are, sometimes our parents are not sure either.

Alternatively, one can be a good student and start a career with brilliant qualifications but be unable to succeed and be competitive in this profession which will ultimately lead to failure after a large investment of money and more importantly time, as often times there is little realistic chance to make up for this as we would have to start from the beginning again with all the trauma associated with it. The morphopsychologist is capable of seeing what our best career options are in terms of our innate abilities and whether or not we would be successful in that field. A consultation with a good morphopsychologist at key decision times in life, like when choosing a path of education or a career, could be one of the most important investments in your life.

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