Knowing, understanding, accepting and achieving

Morphopsychology responds to our need to search for our own identity and knowledge in our lifetime.

We are living through a radical revolution in a world becoming increasingly individual, people need to choose a future for themselves based on what motivates them . This desire for affirmation of oneself must confront the pressures of family and the social unit.

Self-awareness consultation - Consultation with Dr Julián GabarreThere is a price to pay for liberation and part of that price is having to reach a better understanding of oneself, this understanding concerns becoming aware of ones own strengths and weaknesses and the measures required to maximise and improve these respectively.

One cannot repair a machine without first knowing how it works. Similarly, we ourselves cannot continue on a beneficial path without an understanding of how we function. Morphopsychology  allows us to understand our subconscious which is what determines our fate. If we are aware of which aspects are an impediment to our development we will be better able to mould our destinies. Only when we are genuinely conscious of ourselves can we do something to improve ourselves.

A morphological consultation will help you stop from constantly “tripping over the same stone”.

You’ll find out which aspects of your personality are impeding your development, how to overcome them, what your innate talents are and in which career field you would be most competent.

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