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Estudio sobre el político Luis Salvador (Parte 1 y Parte 2).

¡Buenos días a todos! Para esta semana, el Dr. Gabarre ha realizado un estudio al político Luís Salvador. Se ha realizado un completo estudio sobre su personalidad, competencias innatas, habilidades, puntos a mejorar… que no os podéis perder, y que aparecerá también en el nuevo libro del Dr. Gabarre que se publica próximamente! Este estudio […]

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Morphopsychology: Facial Features and Personality – Scientific Basis

The questioning of morphopsychology from Xavier Morales Morphopsychology is the discipline without scientific endorsement that studies behaviour and personality, the way to face life, capabilities and the attitude of people throught the observation of the particularities and generalities of the face. Morphopsychology: towards a theory of Face-Personality In a morphological level, and according to the […]

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The ‘overbearing’ princess

This face is broad and tonic as a whole. The shape is wavy and the bigger and broader areas are the ones with the lowest levels of gonions (area of the instincts and the material needs). The medium area at the malar level (cigonions), area of the emotional-relational, and the cheekbones are not high. The […]

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What does Donald Trump’s morphology say?

In order to make a full study on Donald Trump’s current face, since we can not see his forehead, we need to take a look at old photos, when we could. We see a large upper face, angled, with tiny eyes, tonic – somehow protected – and superficial imitating the keel of a boat. The […]

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Some people that enjoy listening to my opinions on the Psychology taught at Universities, Facial Psychology, which is not taught at Universities yet, and other relevant things that we can perceive from people in the news and that can be transcendent for humans, encouraged me to open this blog. I hope I can find your […]

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