Overcoming the imperfections which stop us achieving excellence

Coaching is aimed at the individual and the team:

Coaching in general uses a global approach who’s methods involve a mixture of education, therapy and counselling. Coaching helps by means of assisting professional development and resolution of operational problems with a view to personal development.

Facial Psychology in BarcelonaThis is a humanistic philosophy based on the idea that man is capable of change and can contribute to their own transformation by using the positive potential within.

The humanist philosophy is based on the idea that each one of us is part saint, part sinner, which implies that even psychotics can be cured. Some of the critical factors that distinguish highly successful senior management professionals are among others, how they look and how they understand their role as a manager within the organisation. This information, often subconscious, determines how they articulate and organise internally, according to their value system, the development of their emotional capabilities and the environment in which they develop. One cannot get a machine to start without knowing how it works, for that same reason we cannot follow a particular path in life without understanding how we work.

The morphopsycholgy coach holds a mirror up to the conscious and subconscious, to our potential and our abilities as well as the ideal qualities that help a person attain a high level of performance in relation to their skills and abilities both conscious and subconscious. The coach will highlight areas where the person is strongest helping to overcome any resistance or internal interference which in turn facilitates their role as part of a team. An effective morphopsychology coach makes a study of  predominant innate abilities, ones which should be improved upon and the aspects of the personality and character, as most of the time it is these which inhibit our development. The coach does an individual assessment and gives advice and guidance on how to behave in particular contexts or situations. We can possess great intelligence or be experts in a particular field but be very stupid in our personal relationships or have poor emotional intelligence in accordance with the environment in which we develop. One cannot get a machine to start without knowing how it works, for that same reason we cannot pursue a particular path in life without understanding how we work.

To attain the desired results the coach needs to adopt the attitude of a champion trainer so as to generate the Pygmalion effect through a dual vision of reality and potential. It is this systematic stimulation which drives us to improve.

The coaches’ behaviour is paradoxical, it should encourage others to help themselves. .The coach should work on areas of ambiguities, on listening, domination and confrontation.

Facial Psychology in BarcelonaThis coaching creates a dependency that allows us to come out of isolation and creates a relationship based on commitment and belonging.

These coaching procedures relate to all types of intervention: support, crisis, results (taking over projects, restructuring, setting up teams, product launches..)

Morphopsychology coaching is faster and more effective as it reveals our subconscious, which is what determines our destiny. Financially it is less costly as the time spent with the morphopsychology coach is quite short.

In the process of coaching employees, supported or paid for by the organisation, morphopsychology coaching is the most effective as it avoids long evaluations and on top of that the morphopsychology coach cannot be deceived by the employee. In contrast, the coach who is not a morphopsychologist can be deceived by an employee who has no desire for the coach or company to know how they are in reality.

Alternatively, should the coach have the employee complete a personality test, we ought to realise that with these tests we cannot come to any conclusions regarding the subconscious of the person who answered as they answered with their conscious not with their subconscious. With these sort of tests one can be both the examiner and the subject. A participant in one such test told me “The company made me go on a coaching course. The coach was asking me lots of questions and as I had no interest in him knowing how I really am, I told him what he wanted to hear”. From everything this person told me it is apparent that this sort of coaching is very limited in comparison with morph psychology. Sometimes the person being coached is unaware of how they are in reality and therefore answers erroneously as they don’t want people to know their weaknesses.

In terms of effectiveness, morph psychology coaching is light years ahead of non morphopsychological coaching, with cost savings of approximately75% over other coaching methods, the results are immediate and the time invested is a mere two hours-plus the time needed to write a full report for the business in question this report is also an invaluable and essential document for planning the development of the person within the organisation.

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