Facial Psychology Consultation for couples

Love without understanding is a flawed love

Only by knowing how the other person really is and what they actually need subconsciously can we understand them. Understanding is the foundation for love

Subconsciously, we desire and are attracted to what we cannot have!

In most cases, couples are formed with different psychologies and morphologies which are at times complementary and antagonistic, this is due to the subconscious desire to find someone whose strengths complement our weaknesses. One wants what one can’t have, these repressed tendencies exert a dual action of the subconscious over the ego, they appal and fascinate simultaneously. Facial Psychology Consultation for couplesIf the partnership is reliant on subconscious attractions it is necessary to highlight the fact that the conscious oppositions will still persist which will inevitably lead to confrontations and ultimately to separation or divorce. Just because people are attracted to one another does not mean that they will agree. Using these attractions and the polarity of the individuals we can make a comparison with a positively charged and a negatively charged wire, if they aren’t both managed or handled correctly from the beginning they will repel one another. However, if we are aware that each “wire” performs a vital function we can use this to our benefit.

With morph psychology we can detect these polarities from the very first moment:

For couples who are in love and are looking to build a home for their future it is vitally important for them at this magical time to visit a morph psychologist so that they can be shown how better to know and understand one another, to accept one another and to realize their potential and as a consequence of this their happiness and their love will be more durable and more perfect.

When one is in love it is easier to conform and to renounce something.

When the flames of love are extinguished it is almost impossible to re-ignite them with the same partner

When one is in love it is easier to conform and to renounce something. When the flames of love are extinguished it is almost impossible to re-ignite them with the same partner.

Newly formed couples should visit a morph psychologist when they have their first disagreement, the morph psychologist can check to see if the love has disappeared or not. If not, the morphopsychologist will make them aware of how their subconscious minds are,  the subconscious, as previously mentioned, is responsible for these disagreements. The morph psychologist will make them aware of their real needs and how to understand one another, then they can take the first steps towards giving up a piece of themselves for the benefit of the other. When we know and understand ourselves and understand how our partners are doing we can do something positive for the relationship, otherwise we will keep putting strain on the rope that binds the two together until such time as the rope snaps.

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