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Facial psychology applied to Human Resources

A different methodology…

The natural competencies of an individual are identified through a morpho-graphological (craniofacial and graphological) analysis. Applied facial psychology also provides us with information on the candidate’s attitude to work, in this way usefully contributing to the processes of selection, promotion, team configuration, etc.


Currently, HR Departments base their selection processes around:

  • Personal interviews
  • Psychometric tests
  • Web 2.0 Recruitment Tools

Methodology and areas addressed by Facial Psychology Personal interviews and psychometric tests are methods in which the evaluator obtains information that the candidates themselves provide, and if they have a good understanding of the type of profile that is being sought, they can therefore guide their responses towards obtaining their goal: getting the position. This may make the task difficult for the interviewer, as for example the candidates, should they wish to, can conceal their true attitude towards work.

The web 2.0 method provides behavioural patterns of the candidates, but on most occasions these patterns are framed within a private context without a causal relationship with the candidate’s behaviours at work. We should also remember that many people use social networks as a platform of expression and social criticism, so the opinions and behaviours displayed on these networks give us information that cannot always be relied upon to inform the process of candidate selection.

The morpho-graphological method, as it is not based on self-reporting, gives us an accurate assessment of the individual, where their dynamic unconscious surfaces: their skills, their potential, their areas for improvement and their attitudes to life and work. The following will be taken into consideration when determining the best candidates:

  • The adequacy of their profile in relation to the job position.
  • The compatibility of their profile with that of their boss/superior.
  • The compatibility of their profile with that of team they will be joining.
  • The compatibility of their profile with the organisation’s culture.
  • Their degree of reliability in strategic positions.
  • The degree of honesty.

The morpho-graph psychological selection process requires 4 photographs of the individual, and signed consent to employ the use of this method, a document that ensures both confidentiality and data protection, according to current legislation.

The company can choose from three options:

  1. A complete process that includes seeking out candidates; interviewing those who have been shortlisted and applying the described method; and presenting the company with the final three candidates.
  2. ON-LINE selection. Here the client company provides us with a shortlist of candidates, and those on the list have their photos taken following our instructions and are also requested to handwrite the authorisation letter. These should then be uploaded to our intranet, and we will quickly provide you with a verbal or written report based on these.
  3. Processes in the internal promotion within the company of several candidates to a new position. Analysis of current employees who are candidates for an internal promotion to a new role, for which we will also need photographs of the successful candidate’s future manager, so that we are able to assess the degree of complementarity between them.

Using this information we can elaborate accurate reports on the candidates, detailing the level of compatibility to the role of their profile and vocational focus.

The accuracy of this method allows a reduction to the cost and time of the selection process, as well as appointing a more compatible employee to the position, benefiting both the employer and the candidate.

Configuration of top performing teams…

The detailed information obtained in the morpho-graphological assessment allows an accurate identification of the innate skills of each individual, allowing the configuration of top performing and complementary teams. For this, the potential and talent within the organization and the team is evaluated, and this is refigured taking into account the team’s abilities and areas for improvement.

Development, promotion and career plan…

Methodology and areas addressed by Facial Psychology In the business world, it is indispensable that the organisation’s human capital gives us an advantage over our competitors. Therefore, it is necessary to properly understand the profile of our employees, their skills and vocational focus, in order for employees show a commitment to meeting the objectives and purpose of their work, as well as (with time) to be certain of their loyalty and commitment to the company. The morpho-graphological method provides highly accurate employee evaluations, allowing us to identify who the right employees are for promotion, who can take on the implied responsibilities and functions of the new position. To promote means to recognize the effectiveness and significant contributions of the employee, and is usually defined by an upward movement on the company’s organization chart. This entails new responsibilities given to employees who meet the requirements of the new position that must be complied with, and in which their vocational competence and focus fits the unspoken attributes of the job.

The morpho-graphological method allows accurate identification of employees who are deserving of promotion, avoiding undesirable consequences (both economically and personally) of incompatible promotions.

Assessment – evaluation of competences and potential of the company’s current personnel

With the study-evaluation undertaken using the morpho-graphological method you will get an accurate assessment of the employees’ skills and physiological vitality, an idea of how to develop them, and information on the organisation’s weaknesses and how to improve these.


Throughout our lives, the actions and decisions we make are repetitive and are dictated by our deep unconsciousness, fate is just the right and wrong choices we make throughout life. By being aware of these and knowing how they occur, we can improve those traits that are holding us back from our professional, social and family success. The morpho-graphological method makes us aware of how our unconscious works, of its strong and weak traits, and about how to overcome these, so that work efficiency will certainly improve.


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