The ‘overbearing’ princess

This face is broad and tonic as a whole. The shape is wavy and the bigger and broader areas are the ones with the lowest levels of gonions (area of the instincts and the material needs). The medium area at the malar level (cigonions), area of the emotional-relational, and the cheekbones are not high.

The forehead is wide, contracted in the front and divided in three areas. The ciliary lumps are too developed for a woman. The nose is atonic and the nose orifices small. The mouth is also a bit small, moderately fleshy lips and a notorious chin.

It shows that the energy flow is remarkable and it is activated, thus she is active, constant and persistent, almost stubborn. She hardly would take a step back once she has jumped in because there is a notable pride and an unconscious desire of self-affirmation.

This same structure indicates that there are strong personal opinions and that the intelligence is specific and pragmatic, oriented first and foremost to achieve big material needs.

The feelings are not focused on philanthropic purposes to make a better world, but to achieve material goods because the financial greed is notable. There is a strong capability to save money.

The brain area shows that there is awarness when it comes to receiving information. There is a strong sense of anticipation, panification, organisation and good adaptation to economic values and decision-making. Good executive and implementation skills.

It also informs that before making a decision or start working within any organisation or project, there would be a research becasue nothing is left to chance. Furthermore, there is not much trust. There will not be any involvement in any organisation where she does not know everyhing that is going on. It’s a controlling morphology. One could say that it is ‘overbearing’.

The mouth indicates that the sexuality is satisfying and the sinking under the left eye, affective mismatches. It is not easy to express feelings to family, children or partner, which could make the marriage a bit monotonous, except in sex.

We all have our own thoughts about Caso Nóos. This study intends to show our followers how the unconscious, the personality and the predictable behavior of this face work: controlling, rigorous, wary and ambitious.

Some people say that justice should be blind, however that only would work to protect powerful people and to make it easier for the smart ones that can pay the best lawyers to teach them how to lie in order to win.

The word is a pretty thing humans have, but one can lie with it, ‘the face does not cheat’.

Julián Gabarre

Doctor CUM LAUDE in Facial Psychology from the UAB

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