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Julián Gabarre en el programa Tierra de Sueños (25 TV)

Julián Gabarre in ‘ Tierra de Sueños’ (25 TV)

Dr. Julián Gabarre, from his research institute (Institute of craniofacial psychology), studies the correlations between structures of the face, the brain and the personality of individuals. Facial psychology is the new differential psychology that studies the behaviors, competencies and characteristics of the person through the methodological study of the face and its connections with the […]

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Luces en la oscuridad - Julián Gabarre

Luces en la oscuridad – Interview with Julián Gabarre (2-06-18)

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Antena 3 Noticias: Trabajo por la cara

Antena 3 News: Work by the face

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Explicación de Jordi Vila Porta sobre Julián Gabarre

Jordi Vila Porta explanation about Julián Gabarre

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Entrevista de RAC1 a Julián Gabarre

RAC1 – Julián Gabarre – No hi som per festes (26-07-12)

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